Annisquam Light

Annisquam Light

“Annisquam Light” by Dave Arruda

Acrylic & LEDs on Canvas (14 x 11)

Available for Purchase at the ArrudaImages Etsy Shop!

During the summer of 2011, my girlfriend Meaghan and I spent most of our weekly “date nights” exploring the waters of the Massachusetts North Shore. Having both grown up on the sandy beaches of the South Shore we felt like we had entered a completely different world! We discovered rocky shorelines, quiet harbors, cast-away islands, and many other hidden gems. However, none of these jewels would shine as brightly as the Annisquam Light.

Our trip on the Anniquam River in Gloucester, MA started late in the afternoon (See Trip Report). The sky was darkening as we paddled against the current; determined to make it out to the lighthouse before dark. As we rounded the last bend we were greeted the by the most brilliant display. There stood Annisquam Light, proud and reverent, marking the rocks at the mouth of the river. The backdrop was the setting Sun masked by an approaching storm cloud which created a pallet of colors that took our breath away!

“Annisquam Light” is acrylic on canvas and is the second piece in “Series LED.” In this painting, I endeavored to capture the splendor of Annisquam Light against the intense and contrasting colors of the evening sky as the squall approached. A single, LED flashes a beam of yellow light as the lighthouse stands guard against the coming storm. Enjoy!



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