Sea of Lupines

Sea of Lupines

“Sea of Lupines” by Dave Arruda

Acrylic on Canvas (9 x 12)

Not for Sale

After months of fussing and tweaking, I would finally like to present my first completed painting entitled: “Sea of Lupines.” This work was adapted from a photograph that I took at a scenic turn-off on the Seward Highway in Kenai, Alaska. The original photograph epitomized the rule of thirds with prominent lupines in the foreground giving way to thousands of lupines in the mid-ground and mountains in the background. I attempted to capture this flow in the painting with progressively smaller lupines giving way to a wash of light purple representing the sea of lupines that I experienced in Kenai. The style of the painting was inspired by that of the American landscape painter Neil Welliver. The original medium is acrylic on canvas with a handful of acrylic on pallet copies existing to date.

My first trip to Alaska was a powerful experience. I’ve always had a profound love for the natural world; often times finding myself more at home in the woods or on the sea than in my civilized realm.  Alaska takes nature to the next level. Alaska is wild! I distinctly remember our trip from Anchorage to Denali National Park and finally appreciating how much wilderness there is up there. There’s really nothing different between the wild lands in Denali and that which encompasses the nearly 250miles between the park boundary and Anchorage!

Some may claim that a trip to Alaska is a trip to the middle of nowhere. I’d say that a trip to Alaska is a journey to the heart of nature. It’s a place where freedom and wonder exist at every turn. It’s a place where people exist as spectators to the rule of the wilderness. It’s a place where paths await brave and inquisitive souls to forge them. It’s a place where you can swim in a sea of lupines!




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